Note of Interest Update

As of Release of WireShark 99.6 the Capture Filter file cfilter was moved within the application

to c:/programs/wireshark/cfilter


Instructions “How to apply capture filters to Wireshark-Ethereal”.


Step 1: Download the capture filters from Gearbit web site. Under Tech Notes select the Wireshark Field Notes button. Select the WireShark-Ethereal Capture Filter cfilter.


Step 2: Open the Capture Filter file. The easiest way is to cut and paste the page of capture filters to the cfilter file in Wireshark. The cfilter file can be found in a Wireshark folder that was created automatically during the Wireshark install. See Figure 1.1 


Figure 1.1


C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Logon Name (replace with your logon name)\Application Data\Wireshark


You will find the file cfilters. Open the file with Notepad. Cut and paste the new filters in the file. Save the file. Make sure that the file is saved with no extension.


Helpful tip is to save a copy of this cfilter file. For any reason you will have a backup copy.


If you have comments or suggestions or wish to share a filter please email to


Ray Tompkins