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Gearbit, Inc. secures digital services against disruptions in availability, performance, and security. Our leadership stems from data analysis and security backgrounds, combining our technology, GBX-Vision suite, with an intense focus on smart analytics. Our approach solidifies the way organizations plan, deliver, migrate, test, and deploy applications. Our GBX-Trafic-Vision suite of products solutions, provides real-time, contextual analysis, network, and application performance. Security solutions protect against attacks that threaten availability and advanced threats that infiltrate systems. 


Key Features

  • Real-time from the ground up engineered for speed

  • Get notified when the problem raises its ugly head

  • Automatic isolate issue, pre-and-post testing, detect, identify, repair reducing time-to-repair, removing network performance blind spots, needle-in-the-haystack

  • In your notification, a URL takes you quickly back to the packets that reveal the issue

  • Remote WEB access to packet capture with Wireshark type filters.

"Gearbit has created the GBX suite of products that reduce the time to Root-Cause, saving time and overall money. Knowing-Every-Packet-Tells-a-Story, we assembled information from network gurus and with that knowledge added it into the GBX products. The results, it added the ability to increase your networks productivity, performance, reliability quickly, and eliminate downtime. What we call NOC in a box.

Our goal was to reduce the cost of network analysis equipment, provide automation, support enterprise, and cloud. Engineer the products to be scalable with the ability to be expandable. So we've done just that."  

Ray Tompkins, Founder, and Principal Developer


GBX | Packet Vision

Packet Vision (GBX | PV) pure packet capture supporting speeds 1 to 200 Gig


GBX | Traffic Vision

Traffic Vision (GBX | TV) product provides complete set of network analytics

GBXAV anamaly vision.jpg

GBX | Anomaly Vision

Root-Cause analysis, this product sweeps through data finding the needle-in-the-haystack, the root-cause, 


GBX-Suite of Products

Delivers traffic-based intelligence from enterprise environments for essential visibility and real-time analysis of network and...

Understanding Your Network

Some of the most interesting components within your network go unchecked. Some of the well know information floating around the network...

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